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Sensuality is her mission, Seduction is her vision, the uniqueness in her name Shiesha, (pronounced- ‘Sai-i-sa’), was how it all came to pass. Shiesha is passionate about allowing others to explore their deepest desires while creating an opulent ambiance of sensuality and intimacy. Which is why the motto of SSBYS is 'Where Intimacy Meets Opulence.' 

Shiesha’s desire is to empower, uplift, inspire, and encourage her clientele to become vulnerable and free in their minds to be able to let go of any sexual insecurities and fulfill any fantasy in the bedroom with their companion, regardless of sex, or preference. 

Sensual Seductions by Shiesha aka 'SSBYS' came to creation by owner Shiesha Singleton in 2008, while enlisted in the United States Army. Outside of her 14 years of experience in the financial industry and prior military service, Shiesha always had a vision and passion to create an opulent fantasy in the bedroom while giving her best attempt at romance. 

She has a deep desire and taste for the finer things in life such as Romance, Sensuality, Novelties, Roses, Lingerie, Sensual Music, Candles, Wine, Luxurious Hotels, and Sceneries. Shiesha set forth a desire and attraction to create an ambiance where she could deeply explore her companion wildest, deepest thoughts, and fantasies in the bedroom. 

She posses the freedom and confidence to do whatever behind closed doors allowing her to grow this brand over the past decade. When creating SSBYS, she envisioned the idea of allowing a person to escape from the vision of reality into a realm of ecstasy and becoming someone so beautiful and confident whether it be male or female. 

Entering this site will allow you to explore the vision Shiesha created over a decade ago. Clicking next will grant you access to the best online Novelty Store created by the finest most popular brands in 2018 and beyond.

We Hope you enjoy. SSBYS, Sensually thank you for your purchase. Come Again, done with a touch of Opulence!

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Disclaimer: **Shiesha does not have any formal education in sexology and does not claim to be a sexologist, therapist, counselor, or physician. All of her experience of Fellatio resulted from years of experience with companions. Please use ALL PURCHASED ITEMS AT YOUR OWN RISK, SSBYS will not be held responsible if directions are not followed properly when using purchased items.**